The perfect 17th birthday present for any budding motorist!

This two hour long instruction and guidance will get you on the move. The unique feature of 17+ is that we will carry this lesson out at midnight, on the students 17th birthday (subject to availability). You must have a provisional license and you can apply for this up to 3 months before your 16th birthday. Please note this usually takes 2/3 weeks to arrive.

Theory tuition

For a one off initial payment we will provide you with the necessary D.S.A (Driving Standards Agency) publications you will need to study to gain the knowledge required to pass the theory test, these books remain your property because after all, driving is a skill for life.

Before your test we will help you prepare for the hazard perception test using both in-car live scenarios and D.S.A training material.

Learner lessons

Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience. Our teaching syllabus takes this into account, and progress will only happen if the pupil is in a comfortable, relaxed environment. For these reasons your driving course will only progress at your individual learning rate.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a course backed by the government and the D.S.A. It is designed to make new drivers safer by introducing them to road conditions they may not have previously experienced.

The course is a fixed fee and lasts a minimum duration of six hours. You will be pleased to know there is no test at the end as progress is measured by continual assessment.

Topics covered

  1. City driving

  2. Night driving

  3. All weather driving

  4. Out of town / Rural driving

  5. Dual carriageway driving

  6. Motorway driving

Refresher courses

These courses are designed on an individual basis to do exactly what it says on the tin! People who may benefit from refresher courses are those who may have passed their test but not driven since, or perhaps a house move or change of job now means they have to drive on different types of road e.g. motorways, city roads etc.

Another example may be someone who is unfamiliar with roundabouts which have multi-exits or traffic lights on them.

Refresher courses are tailored to meet the customer needs and can be anything you like from 1 hour upwards.

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